All of the horses have had an increase in hoof growth, (mine are all barefoot, and wear a healthy amount off just through their work, but noticeably needed a trim this time), and their underlines are dramatically different.   Noticeably less distention in a couple of my horses that have always looked like they had a “hay belly” even though they eat with slow feeders .  Their coats have all blossomed with dapples, shine, and a softer feel. And performance wise, they all seem to be “just right” on this feed. Hotter ones a bit cooler, and cooler ones have a bit more energy!  Thank you for making such a terrific feed!!!"

Shannon Peters, June 2014.

UPDATE: "I have fed Crypto Aero to all of my horses with amazing results. Coats gleam, hoof growth increases- overall happy and healthy horses. But I have to say that Crypto Plus is a game changer! In just two months, it has amped up what CryptoAero has done, and my horses look and feel amazing! Even more hoof growth, their normally clipped coats which get a little dull in the winter are gleaming and beautiful! It has increased the utilization of everything they eat. What an amazing combination!"

~Shannon Peters 2017


“Over the past year I began eating healthier, focusing on all natural and whole nutrients, and I saw a big difference in how I felt and performed. I decided that I owed it to my horses to do the same for them,” said Jayne on his decision to feed Crypto Aero. “After being on the feed for over 6 months, I’ve seen big changes in my horses, and especially Ever Blue. His stamina skyrocketed, which was fantastic as we were prepping him to start in his first Grand Prix. He had been moving up slowly, as he is still only 8, and the extra power was very important and useful as we began over the bigger jumps and longer courses. I’ve also seen a big improvement in his coat since we began him on Crypto Aero.”

~ Charlie Jayne


"I like to keep my horses eating as close to nature as possible and Crypto Aero makes that easy. For the past 3 years Crypto Aero has allowed me to be able to feed less grain while still getting all the essential nutrients needed for a high performance horse. Since feeding my horses Crypto I have noticed changes in everything from their coats to being able to use less gastric ulcer medications, to how well they perform. Shortly after starting my horses on Crypto, I noticed that our one horse that always had loose manure, no longer did and since being on Crypto has not had that problem. I use both the grain and Crypto supplements."


~ Shelly Francis


"Leamore Master Plan, affectionately known in the barn as “Simon”, has never been an easy keeper. He’s a big, energetic horse who is unfortunately a VERY picky eater. In the early winter of 2017, I was really struggling to keep enough weight on him, his coat was dull and he was suffering from multiple skin issues. After performing allergy tests, we discovered that he is allergic and sensitive to many ingredients in commercial grains. Moore Equine Supply (our local feed store in Southern Pines, NC) recommended Crypto Aero. I love its simple, whole ingredients and that it doesn’t contain anything Simon is allergic to. We switched him over to Crypto Aero and haven’t looked back. His weight improved, coat became shiny and healthy again and his skin recovered. He just completed his first CIC3* and I look forward to our future competitions! Eventing is a very demanding discipline so I feed all my upper-level horses Crypto Aero so that they can perform at their best!" Ariel Grald


"I switched all of my horses to Crypto Aero grain in the fall of 2014.  All of my horses look and feel great! I have been able to drastically reduce the amount of grain I feed which has resulted in quieter and more focused horses.  My Grand Prix horse Belisario was my catalyst to educate myself on feed nutrition.  After learning he was highly allergic to wheat I made it my mission to improve his health and attitude. I did a lot of research on what I was feeding all my horses. Yikes! I contacted Anna and told her all about Belisario. She was beyond helpful. Before feeding Crypto he was eating around 10lbs of grain a day, was gassy, had diarrhea, anxious and couldn't put weight on.  Now Belisario is finally healthy and much more relaxed.  Switching my horses to a whole food diet has been one of the best decision's I have made. I highly recommend Crypto Aero grain for any horse at any level. "

~ Kate Poulin


"Yes!” when asked if he thought his horses were performing better on a diet free of processed feed. According to Meyers, other trainers have also taken notice. Not just of the stats and the performance but of his horses appearance. He was amazed at how quickly he saw a transformation in their coats. “Their coats are really looking right,” said Meyers.
While he is happy to have this edge on the competition, he is more than happy to share the info with other trainers. “I believe the overall health of the horse should come first, even over performance. This is just better for the animal so you get both.” As for the actual switching, he says his horses all handled it easily over about a four day period without any issues. He mixed the Crypto Aero at a 50/50 ratio with his former feed for two days and then and at 75/25 ratio for two days. Of course he had a few that didn't take to it right away but he said those same horses would be the ones who wouldn't be eating anything new right away and that most of them immediately sought it out in the feed bucket because he thinks “the animal knows what it needs nutritionally.” His thinking can't be too far off, as proven by the minimal injuries and vet bills he’s had. “It all starts on the inside.”

~ Shane Meyers, Ohio


“I decided to swap to Crypto Aero, which is a major decision for an operation of our size, after realizing that the principles of reducing processed grains and other unnatural ingredients in a human’s diet should apply to an equine’s as well.  The results are really what has driven home the importance of nutrition. We immediately see improvement in overall condition, in their hooves, and in their attitude; they seem calmer and more focused on Crypto Aero. But obviously this improved nutrition and vitality at a young age is positively impacting their overall soundness and health as they age and begin their careers, as evidenced by our stats, and it is about the same or slightly cheaper to feed Crypto Aero. Since feeding Crypto Aero, our occurrence of epiphysitis, metabolic issues with broodmares (insulin resistance and cushings), as well problematic preliminary x-rays in yearlings, have significantly decreased. We have not had a single incidence of insulin resistance or cushings on this farm since transitioning to Crypto Aero, and that he has not had a single incidence of laminitis."

~ Ralph Kinder, Paris KY


"Kimber has never felt that good, and during the past few months ran just a couple thousandths of seconds off horses I used to only dream of challenging. Crypto has helped keep my girl running and looking her best. She has found energy I didn’t know she had, and provides her with the nutritional support to keep up in the barrel racing circuit!”

~ Taylor Zbytek


A couple of months ago, Lux and Frankie decided to make a lifestyle change and switched to Crypto Aero. The idea of clean eating and human grade ingredients, really excited them. I fully supported their decision, and we are all thrilled with the results. Lux lost the burnt orange coat that he usually sports in the middle of a south Florida summer, which is practically unheard of. His feet have improved greatly and his muscle/body mass has gotten so much better. As for my saucy redhead, she has settled right into whole food feed as well. Amazingly enough, it manages to give my older guy a little positive edge, but doesn't cause my youngest to have an excessive amount of energy. The best part is, I am able to feed them less because Crypto isn't full of fillers. Thanks to Crypto Aero for making my horses look and feel amazing.

~ Sierra Keasler


"I have a degree in equine nutrition and use that knowledge in my everyday operation of both East Hill Farm (Vermont ) and Bespoke Farm (Florida ). I've done the ration balance for nearly every horse at both farms (42 horses). I can tell you that with out a doubt, Crypto Areo is fulfilling my horses needs without the added junk and waste products that are in most grains. Besides being non GMO, its whole grain concept is how horses were made to eat. AND... I have done the math. Because  I'm feeding so much less... I AM SAVING MONEY!
You will see."

~Ruth Hogan Poulsen.


Feeding Crypto Aero has made all the difference in my horses weight, coat, and conditioning. You can not only see, but feel the difference! ~ Andrew McConnon


"Check out #mustangterk and his amazing SHINE! Even my mustangs with long winter coats are glowing thanks to #cryptoaero feed... No supplements needed. I thought their coats were shiny before, but crypto is showing me what a true healthy coat looks like and I'm amazed! Not only does it look better, but it feels better too-- he's softer than ever. In love with this feed!"

~Madison Shambaugh
Photo credit: Andy Neal


"Before, A day after having her filly (1 year ago) and this week.

My mare is now 23 and retired but she no longer has skin issues (they were AWFUL!) and has never looked better! "Now that I know better I do better". I couldn't sleep at night knowing my horses were eating anything but Crypto Aero.❤"

~Missy Moon


"Neko has been on Crypto for less than a year! I was struggling to keep his skin and coat healthy (he was constantly breaking out in hives!) and his GI tract happy. Within a week of switching to Crypto he was no longer kicking the wall at feeding time. His other ulcer symptoms started to disappear and 6 months after starting Crypto he had a gastric scope done and was 100% ulcer free! I never used any omeprazole and stopped all his GI supplements after starting Crypto. His skin has been much healthier with very few hive issues. His coat looks amazing, even after a fresh body clip. He is happier, his body functions better and he has become the confident partner I knew he could be!"

~Hilary Martin.


"My mare sustained an injury that Hagyard Equine Hospital questioned the outlook of her being sound as even a pasture horse. I feel that Crypto Aero had a large part in her healing. In this picture (almost exactly 2 years after her injury) you can see her cornet band grew back along with her hoof! She has recently started back to work. 👏👏🙌"

~Jessica Willis


"This feed is complete nutrition for Leo, one of a kind. We love it! Great company, great feed."


"He's calmer, maintains his weight and is consistent mile after mile! Hopefully all the way to the 2018 WEG..."

~Gene Limlaw


This is my horse Calvin. He has been on crypto aero for just about a year and he has never looked better. Shiny coat, best weight ever! He only gets 1 cup two times a day with timothy pellets and lots of quality hay.
I couldn't be happier with how he looks and feels. The price is right also as one bag lasts me almost six weeks!
Thanks for a great product."

~Gerri Gallo


"I started Solano in Crypto in April 5th, 2017. He is shedding out with a shine I've never seen!!! He is 11 years old, I've had him since a weanling. He has always been super reactive, but since being on Crypto, he is an amazing horse to ride!! We are showing this weekend, can wait to see where his "head" is!!! Thank you!!!"

~Tracy Moore


 On November 6th 2013 Seven Arias probably had the worst race of her career. She came in dead last with a time of 1.59.0. On November 7th I switched her feed to Crypto Aero Wholefood Horse Feed and took her off everything else. She continuously improved, put on more muscle, stayed more focused and had longer lasting energy. She enjoyed training more and would become less resistant and just easier to work with. On January 25th 2014 she raced again after just seven weeks back in training. She was calm, focused and remained so even when passing the stands and approaching the gate. She came in a close fourth in a field of ten with a time of 1.54.1, the fastest race of her career. Crypto Aero has made a tremendous positive difference in Seven Arias racing performance and she is not receiving any other supplements with it."

~Laura Newbery