Shane Meyers talks about whole foods for racing thoroughbreds

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Whole Foods for racing thoroughbreds

We caught up with Multiple Stakes Placed Trainer Shane Meyers today, while on the road between tracks to see what he had to say about the recent switch to Crypto Aero Wholefood Horse Feed for the entirety of his stable. Just looking at his stats will tell you he is having a better year than last and that his current average earnings per start are higher than his career average and that his winning percentage is up by five percent to 24% compared to last year at 19%, while hitting the board 46% of the time.

So, the answer was a wholehearted “Yes!” when asked if he thought his horses were performing better on a diet free of processed feed. According to Meyers, other trainers have also taken notice. Not just of the stats and the performance but of his horses appearance. He was amazed at how quickly he saw a transformation in their coats. “Their coats are really looking right,” said Meyers.
While he is happy to have this edge on the competition, he is more than happy to share the info with other trainers. “I believe the overall health of the horse should come first, even over performance. This is just better for the animal so you get both.” As for the actual switching, he says his horses all handled it easily over about a four day period without any issues. He mixed the Crypto Aero at a 50/50 ratio with his former feed for two days and then and at 75/25 ratio for two days. Of course he had a few that didn’t take to it right away but he said those same horses would be the ones who wouldn’t be eating anything new right away and that most of them immediately sought it out in the feed bucket because he thinks “the animal knows what it needs nutritionally.” His thinking can’t be too far off, as proven by the minimal injuries and vet bills he’s had. “It all starts on the inside.”

The question that often comes up with a larger operation and always when we are talking about Thoroughbreds: Is this cost effective? It is for Meyers. He is no longer needing to use Lixotinic, Cosequin, electrolytes, omegas or a host of other supplements and has gone from 7 pounds a day of his previous feed to just 4 pounds a day of Crypto Aero. His horses are now getting their nutritional needs met by whole foods. With a much higher rate of bioavailability and no fillers, this makes for a more time and cost efficient way of doing things.
I asked Meyers, “In the ‘old boys club’ way of doing things around the track, what prompted you to want to try Crypto Aero?” He said he had heard some buzz about it and decided to phone Anna (Frensemeyer, the owner and founder of Crypto Aero) to see about ordering a pallet. After a lengthy conversation he said he was sold and that he considers her a “nutritional genius” when it comes to horses. Sometimes it takes more than khaki pants and a collared shirt. It takes a passion for always putting the overall health of the horse first. Always.
~ June 13th 2017, Denise M. Davis.

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