"I absolutely love feeding my little guys this wonderful feed! They love it too! Each mini colt gets 3Tbsp am/pm- they came to me being fed 1/2 cup am/pm of sweet feed. Had the biggest Buddha bellies ever! It was an extremely easy transition for them. They have beautiful shiny coats, perfect hooves, the best attitudes and mane/tails to die for! I bought my 50lbs bag 1/11/17 and I still have at least 20lbs left!!
Thank you for offering such a wonderful feed! I was specifically looking for an all natural/minimal processed feed and I think we hit the jackpot!
Photos from before were taken in Oct '16
The after photo was taken at the middle of March '17
Their hay intake each is 1lb of peanut am/pm and free choice coastal hay
They have 3 Redmond rocks- 2 hanging and 1 on the ground"
~ Amanda Wetherill