Easy Keepers


" I cannot not emphasize enough how much implementing the Crypto feed into Bentley's diet has been such a blessing to his health. Before consulting with Betsy we were told by multiple vets and farriers to not feed him grain, supplements, let him go out on pasture, alfalfa etc. taking all of those things away from him left him on a dry lot with little dry hay and Bute multiple times a day to help with the pain in his feet from the founder and alone we still found ourselves at a loss. Bentley was not improving the Bute was just masking the pain the little hay he was getting was just sustaining him not giving him the true nutrients that he needed to heal and my daughters beloved pony was just becoming less and less like himself. When Betsy suggested starting him on the Crypto feed along with the herbs and turmeric I felt skeptical of course because it's everything we were told NOT to do but everything else had failed so we took that leap. No it's not a over night success and it takes consistency. And paired with Betsy knowledge in trimming his feet (that took his feet the size of what could have been your average sized horse hoof and now are the size they should be) and with her dedication to Bentley's hoof care today Bentley is running out on pasture with the rest of the heard, has his personality back, my daughter got her pony back. I would recommend implementing Crypto into all horses diet! We also used Crypto with our 22 year old Quarter horse to help keep his weight up during this past winter. Another success! Sorry so long!"

~ Victoria Ewert, MN


This is 18y/o Adeline-

"I am feeding an easy keeper who I would only give soaked forage pellets and supplements to previously, and she gained so easily . She is looking fantastic now....6 months on Crypto Aero. Before Crypto she was always round even with limited grass (she has a dirt paddock but gets maybe 6 -8 hours of grass per week) and now she is on  Crypto  Aero whole food, soaked Timothy pellets and hay. She does get some supplements still, but not the balancers she needed before."

~ Cheryl-Ann Withrow


"The before picture was taken in August 2016. The after picture was taken in July 2017,  when even though she had been out of work for 3 months due to an injury, she looks great. No big belly like before. She was 1/2 pound of a 10% NSC ration balancer  that is recommended for easy keepers. Now she is on 1 pound of Crypto Aero feed and is grazing 24/7. ~ Stacy Laws, North Carolina.



Henry before and after in one month~ Lisa Mcconeghey Spillman, Kentucky


Here is Bentley- an 18y/o gelding with Equine Metabolic Syndrome. He has been on Crypto Aero for about a year now and is off most of his meds and supplements. ~ Beth Palmgren, Virginia
This is Pepper, a little mini mare with Cushings syndrome. The pictures were taken 2.5 months apart. Pepper gets 1/2 lb of Crypto Aero feed per day~ Caterina Hamilton, Florida
"Here are my official pictures of Libby before and after --it has been one year. The differences I've noticed? She is super shiny, her personality is much sweeter, she has no inflammation around her cornet band and no more inflammation in her gut. Her hooves are stronger, her ( minor) skin issues are gone. No other feed/ management/exercise changes were made. Other than taking her off a popular pelleted vitamin supplement, and putting her on Crypto Aero Feed."
~Denise McCall, Minnesota.
"I've been super pleased with Crypto Aero Wholefood Horse Feed so far. We just started feeding it this spring. Left pic was from last year on May 30, 2015, right pic was from last week (May 2016) . He's almost all shed out now, and look how shiny! (He's never shed out this early before.)" ~Mari Bolte, Minnesota