Honey the Mini Adventures Far and Wide on Crypto Aero

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Honey the Mini Adventures Far and Wide on Crypto Aero

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Ocala, Florida (November 28, 2017) – From Walt Disney World to Ocala’s VA hospital to the comfort of her own living room, Honey the Miniature Horse’s therapeutic healing talents have impacted the lives of thousands. Honey’s owner and trainer, Jessica Wellman, is the primary beneficiary, utilizing the miniature mare’s strengths as a service horse to increase her mobility and stability after being diagnosed with a degenerative autoimmune disease that also affects her joints and balance. Keeping Honey’s mind and body healthy are of the utmost importance to Wellman, and by selecting an exceptional feed and combining that with an innovative way to offer Honey hay, Wellman has seen great improvement in both Honey and her therapy mini-in-training, Parley.

Honey’s most recent exploits include a spot on Good Morning Orlando and the Canadian TV show Collar of Duty, as well as ribbon cuttings for local businesses and of course her iconic trips to Disney’s Magic Kingdom, which include riding the trams, monorail, ferry boats, and watching the fireworks. Acting as both therapy support for Wellman and an ambassador for the service horse, Honey educates the public on Miniature Horses as legal service animals that are federally protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). With such a stressful schedule, Wellman takes every precaution to ensure that Honey’s food supports her health, especially her hooves, overall weight, and stomach.

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As is the case with many mini horses, Honey is enthusiastic about her hay and grain and has the tendency to put on the extra pounds. With her high stress job, ulcers and other gastrointestinal ailments are a real risk. After thorough research, testimonials from other equestrians, and experiences with her other animals, Wellman implemented a combination of ‘active’ hay feeding, which requires that Honey move and forage around the paddock for the best hay, and a feed that is comprised of natural ingredients, low sugar, and other safeguards against and support for the equine gastrointestinal tract.

“In addition to my hay system, Crypto Aero Wholefood Horsefeed has really benefitted Honey more than other feeds because it literally does it all,” said Wellman. “Being so active and going to so many potentially stressful environments means I have to make sure she has the best ulcer prevention I can find. All of Crypto Aero’s ingredients do just that, and in a short time I saw a major difference in her. After only a week, Honey’s abdomen lost all of the bloating and swelling I didn’t even know she had, and her coat grew softer and shinier and her eyes got brighter. Her feet also grow faster and are much healthier looking. I also noticed that while eating Crypto Aero she chews longer and eats smaller quantities slower. One caution I had heard was in regard to feeding oats or non-structural carbs, but after doing the research on how oats are digested versus sweet feeds and sugars, I decided to put my trust in the natural ingredients and gauge the reactions myself.”

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With all of this exceptional care and her celebrity status among mini horses, it’s incredible to see how far Honey has come. Her story with Wellman began when she was won in a $5 charity raffle at the Horse World Expo in Timonium, Maryland. Barely a year old and somewhat feral, Wellman described her as a “mini paint buffalo.” After her diagnosis, Wellman began training Honey as a service animal, and started by bringing Honey to visit many hospitals and nursing homes, including the VA hospital where Wellman’s father was on a ventilator after being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease, also known as ALS. With the help of Stephanie Roberts, Wellman developed Honey into the powerhouse of therapeutic and supportive energy she is today. Thanks to her newly bestowed feed sponsorship from Crypto Aero, Wellman is now thrilled to be both an ambassador for the miniature horse service community as well as for overall equine health.

“My favorite thing about Crypto Aero is the results,” said Wellman. “In such a short time frame, I saw major positive changes in Honey and have had my other mini service horse, Parley, on it his entire life. Once you have your animals on a product that is so much healthier and better for them than what you’ve tried in the past, it’s difficult to even think of switching back.”

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Crypto Aero is quickly becoming a popular feed to support the nutritional demands of the modern sporthorse, as well as all equine breeds from minis to drafts. Made in a chemical free mill and with human grade ingredients, Crypto Aero’s products are non-GMO and gluten, corn, wheat, soy, and molasses free. From international show jumping to the demands of busy therapy mini horse, Crypto Aero was designed to help horses live healthier lives and to reach peak performance by offering them only the very best ingredients. Founded in 2014, Crypto Aero Wholefood Horsefeed is the only complete horse feed made with whole foods. Crypto Aero Plus+ acts as a real food supplement designed to support each of the horse’s major systems, and is a complete vitamin and mineral supplement supporting hoof growth, cartilage, tendon, joint, lung, and capillary strength, the immune system, fore & hindgut digestion and intestinal lining, coat, kidney, tendon, and thyroid health.

For more information on Crypto Aero, visit their website at www.CryptoAero.com, follow them on Facebook and Instagram (@cryptoaero) or contact them directly at CryptoAero@gmail.com or 561 504 0871.

For more information on Honey and her exploits as a service horse, follow her on Facebook (@ServiceHorseHoney).

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