Girl Power: 2017 Kentucky Oaks Filly Raised on Crypto Aero Wholefood Horsefeed

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Lexington, Kentucky (May 5, 2017) – In an interview in 2015 recalling the 2009 Kentucky Derby win by Mine that Bird, Ralph Kinder of Alliance Bloodstock in Paris, Kentucky was asked what his plans were for the future. “I’m going back to raise an Oaks filly,” he answered. Just three months after he made that statement, Kinder also switched his 90+ horse breeding operation to feeding primarily Crypto Aero Wholefood Horse Feed. Fast forward to Derby weekend 2017, and Kinder made good on that promise, as Jordan’s Henny will run on Friday in the Kentucky Oaks, a prestigious, exclusively female compliment race to the Kentucky Derby. It’s somewhat fitting that Jordan’s Henny will race with some of the best three-year-old fillies in the country as she was born and raised on Crypto Aero, which is named after a Thoroughbred by Cryptoclearance and is the only female-owned horse feed in the United States.

Kinder’s operation is well-known for their connections with the 2009 Kentucky Derby champion Mine that Bird, and he believes one of the contributing factors in his success, and the success of the horses he breeds, is his choice to feed Crypto Aero Wholefood Horse Feed. With nearly 100 broodmares, foals, and yearlings in his care at any time, Kinder has consistently seen better conditioned, sounder, saner, and overall more successful horses since beginning his Crypto Aero regimen. Alliance Bloodstock focuses its operation on ‘breed to race,’ bringing in all of its mares and carefully selecting pairings to develop generations of winning racehorses. The breeding farm, which includes clients such as country music star George Strait, is operated by Kinder; he owns most of his mares in partnership with Ervine E. Woolsey, who also co-own the Oaks contender Jordan’s Henny.

As for switching to his barn of elite broodmares and their offspring to Crypto Aero, the evidence for Kinder was in the feed’s less-is-more, concentrated nutrition, and in veterinary statistics for his herd. Since feeding Crypto Aero regularly in the breeding barns, Alliance Bloodstock’s occurrence of epiphysitis, metabolic issues with broodmares (insulin resistance and cushings), as well problematic preliminary x-rays in yearlings, have significantly decreased and are less than 2%. Kinder states that he has not had a single incidence of insulin resistance or cushings on his farm since transitioning to Crypto Aero, and that he has not had a single incidence of laminitis.

“I decided to swap to Crypto Aero, which is a major decision for an operation of our size, after realizing that the principles of reducing processed grains and other unnatural ingredients in a human’s diet should apply to an equine’s as well,” said Kinder. “Our stats are really what has driven home the importance of nutrition. We immediately see improvement in overall condition, in their hooves, and in their attitude; they seem calmer and more focused on Crypto Aero. But obviously this improved nutrition and vitality at a young age is positively impacting their overall soundness and health as they age and begin their careers, as evidenced by our stats, and it is about the same or slightly cheaper to feed Crypto Aero.”

In addition to reduced surgeries and healthier horses, Alliance’s fertility rate has been on the rise since Crypto Aero began appearing regularly in its mare’s feed buckets. Anna Frensemeyer, founder and CEO of Crypto Aero, attributes this to the feed’s zero-soy, all natural ingredients. Removing soy, which is a phytoestrogen commonly prescribed during menopause, from a mare’s diet allows them to become pregnant more easily, and this combined with Crypto Aero’s wholefood ingredients and all-natural nutrition provide the basis for a healthier, more successful pregnancy. Feeding horses as nature intended, with natural ingredients that are unprocessed, preservative, and chemical free, also lessens overall inflammatory load, which contributes to less pathologies that can be related to inflammation.

From international show jumping to the demands of the modern racehorse, Crypto Aero was designed to help horses live healthier lives and to reach peak performance by offering them only the very best ingredients. Founded in 2014, Crypto Aero Wholefood Horse Feed is the only complete horse feed based on whole foods. Crypto Aero Plus+ acts as a real food supplement for the whole horse. All of Crypto Aero’s products are created with human grade ingredients whenever possible and are non-GMO and gluten, corn, wheat, soy, and molasses free.

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