Equine Cardiologist and Ph.D Discovers Superior Nutrition Through Wholefoods

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Equine Cardiologist and Ph.D Discovers Superior Nutrition Through Wholefoods


Bedburg-Hau, Germany (November 2, 2017) – A leap of faith took one international Grand Prix stallion from near death to back to competition fitness. Dr. Timurhan Tastutar, Ph.D, a practicing equine cardiologist and veterinarian based in Germany, recently witnessed a dramatic shift in the 16-year-old KWPN stallion’s health. After a career and background strongly influenced by firsthand research into equine tendon injuries and physiological problems, Dr. Tatsutar harnessed all of his knowledge and some out-of-the-box thinking to successfully diagnose and rejuvenate the ailing dressage horse: altering the stallion’s diet to include simple, natural ingredients and a wholefood supplement that ultimately saved the horse’s life.

Dr. Tastutar has been a practicing veterinarian since 2000; specializing at first in surgery, he then received his Ph.D in equine cardiology, and the combined experiences began to open his eyes to the many physiological problems that plague the equine. His original research focused on developing a less invasive therapy to treat tendon injuries topically via nanoparticles. In his studies of multiple sport and racehorses afflicted with colic, tendon injuries, and cardiovascular issues, Dr. Tastutar began to realize a key component in keeping performance horses healthy was consistently lacking: nutrition.

Enter Lucy Dance, a 16-year-old KWPN stallion, whose international dressage career seemed to be a distant memory. Nearly 210 kilos (460 lbs) below his competition weight, constantly agitated, and having serious problems in his hindend, Lucky Dance was on the brink of death when he came into Dr. Tastutar’s care in May of 2017. A former international Grand Prix competitor in Europe, the bay stallion had undergone chemical castration, and when his condition failed to improve despite multiple attempts and diagnoses, the decision was made to geld him. His rapid weight loss and muscle deterioration had no obvious cause despite multiple tests. In a last ditch effort to save the horse’s life, Dr. Tastutar threw out the hypothetical veterinary rule book, transitioning the stallion to a very simple, basic diet: high volumes of quality hay, whole oats, polysaccharides and fructose to support energy intake, and Crypto Areo Plus+, a wholefood supplement that includes chia seed, papain, spirulina, kelp, rosehips, green cabbage, fenugreek, and reishi.

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Lucky Dance, May 2017


Lucky Dance, October 2017

“In the first three weeks, he continued to struggle, but with slow improvement,” said Dr. Tatustar. “After 6 weeks, there was a major turnaround, as the now gelding began to put on weight in leaps and bounds. As of October 2017, Lucky Dance is back in full training, with a full neck and minimal maintenance despite being an older horse. He still needs a bit more muscle development in his hindend, but the transformation brought on by providing him with superior nutrition was simply amazing. In my own experience, when I begin to diagnose a horse I typically always first check the stomach; nearly 70% of horses that need to be injected in the SI joint saw marked improvement simply by changing the quality of hay, grain, and water to better support their nutritional needs. Performance horses require these high quality foods, as well as 50-60 liters of water per day, something that automatic waterers can limit. High volumes of high quality forage, turnout, and the removal of inflammation causing sugars in processed feed are all key in reducing ailments and keeping horses healthy.”

While Lucky Dance’s story is one of the more extreme cases of recovery, Dr. Tatustar has consistently seen positive results addressing nutritional issues as the underlying cause of many equine health issues. Multiple firsthand accounts, as well as research on past case studies and the long term affects of nutrition all contribute to his ongoing experiences in bringing horses back to full health. Other horses have shown 10-15% weight increases as well as substantial positive shifts in soundness and overall wellbeing with Crypto Aero Plus+.

Crypto Aero Plus+ acts as a real food supplement designed to support each of the horse’s major systems, and is a complete vitamin and mineral supplement supporting hoof growth, cartilage, tendon, joint, lung, and capillary strength, the immune system, fore & hindgut digestion and intestinal lining, coat, kidney, tendon, and thyroid health.


Crypto Aero Wholefood Horsefeed is quickly becoming a popular feed to support the nutritional demands of the modern sport and racehorse. Made in a chemical free mill and with human grade ingredients, Crypto Aero’s products are non-GMO and gluten, corn, wheat, soy, and molasses free.
From international show jumping to the demands of the modern racehorse, Crypto Aero was designed to help horses live healthier lives and to reach peak performance by offering them only the very best ingredients. Founded in 2014 and named after an off-track Thoroughbred by CryptoClearance, Crypto Aero Wholefood Horsefeed is the only complete horse feed made with whole foods.

For more information on Crypto Aero, visit their website at www.CryptoAero.com, follow them on Facebook and Instagram (@CryptoAero), or contact them directly at CryptoAero@gmail.com or at +1 561 452 2971. Crypto Aero can also be purchased on Chewy.com! The first horse feed to be offered through the major pet supplier, Crypto Aero’s smaller (25lb) bags offered exclusively through Chewy.com are easier to manage than the typical 50lb bag and can be delivered directly to your farm with free 2-day shipping on orders over $50!


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