Crypto Aero First Complete Horse Feed Featured on

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Crypto Aero First Complete Horse Feed Featured on


Wellington, FL (July 10, 2017) – Crypto Aero Wholefood Horsefeed made history this May as the first complete equestrian feed to be offered through, an online pet food and supply retailer with philanthropic ties. After just over two months on Chewy’s product list, Crypto Aero has already racked up exclusively 5* reviews from Chewy clients, most with headlines that include a variation of “Best Horse Feed Ever,” who have discovered the benefits of all natural, whole food ingredients for their horses.

After requests from clients in Kentucky and the middle US states who had limited access to feed stores that carry Crytpo Aero, the complete horse feed began the long Chewy application process in February. With over 30,000 items on their pet supply roster and an extensive distribution network, Chewy’s inclusion of Crypto Aero expands the feed’s availability to all corners of the contiguous United States. Founded in 2014, Crytpo Aero has grown to be sold from over 100 distributors across the country and a limited availability in Europe; being accepted into Chewy’s line up has granted hundreds more equestrians access to the revolutionary horse feed. Chewy’s free 1-2 day shipping on orders over $50 makes getting Crytpo Aero delivered directly to the barn door simpler than ever.

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Crypto Aero rider Shannon Peters aboard Illuster

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Crypto Aero athlete Jordan’s Henny, who ran in the prestigious 2017 Kentucky Oaks

Despite its fledgling status in the horse nutrition industry, Crypto Aero has already gained notoriety in the international dressage, jumping, racing, and western show arenas. With its concentrated, all natural, non-GMO and filler free ingredients, a small amount of Crypto Aero fed with generous, good quality hay maintains equine athletes at their peak without the bloat or extra weight. Healthy coats, hooves, and digestion are another side effect of Crypto Aero’s wholefood nutrition, and feeding less means less strain on owner’s wallets. While quickly being recognized by top professional equestrians and riders as a performance feed, Crypto Aero has also become a favorite for seniors, horses prone to cushings or laminitis, and young horses.

“My mission with Crypto Aero was to create a feed that supported healthy performance and maintenance without any of the additional preservatives, fillers, corn, soy, or molasses,” said Anna Frensemeyer, founder and CEO of Crypto Aero. “Human grade ingredients including papaya, ground flax, whole oats, rose hips, organic yeast, and timothy hay pellets deliver complete nutrition for horses in any discipline, and at all stages of life. It is real food with no fillers whatsoever, and it supports digestive health and has its own inherent enzymes.”

Crypto Aero also recently introduced Crypto Aero Plus+, a complete vitamin and mineral supplement to support hoof growth, cartilage, tendon, joint, lung, and capillary strength, immune system, fore & hind gut digestion and intestinal lining, coat, kidney, tendon and thyroid health. Designed to bolster horse health in stressful situations, as well as to support the aging horse, Crytpo Aero Plus+ is currently the supplement of choice for top international riders, including competitors at the CHIO5* Rotterdam Nations Cup and world renown dressage, jumping, and eventing riders.

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Crypto Aero eventer Liz Millikin and Malabar 54

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Crytpo Aero show jumper Charlie Jayne

From international show jumping to the demands of the modern racehorse, Crypto Aero was designed to help horses live healthier lives and to reach peak performance by offering them only the very best ingredients. Founded in 2014, Crypto Aero Wholefood Horse Feed is the only complete horse feed based on whole foods. Crypto Aero Plus+ acts as a real food supplement for the whole horse. All of Crypto Aero’s products are created with human grade ingredients whenever possible and are non-GMO and gluten, corn, wheat, soy, and molasses free.

As opposed to the 50lb bags available at stores, exclusively offers 25lb bags of Crypto Aero. Visit their website for more information!

For more information on Crypto Aero, visit their website at, follow them on Facebook, or contact them directly at or 561 504 0871.


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