Before and After


"The first 2 pics are the day I purchased this black horse; he ate sweet feed & fescue hay. He blew 3 terrible abscesses & was lame for 2 months, had anhydrosis & was forming a goiter under his neck. He was kept in a stall 70% of the time & had a rusty coat ( to much iron ). All prior to my purchase & they owned him for 8 years!

The last photo is today. He is sound, no anhydrosis, and is JET black. He lives outside with my colt that grew up on the best hay money can provide & Crypto Aero his whole life. The black horse ( Fritz ) is so happy with new hair growth in his mane & tail with a shiny black coat & no rust! He started on Crypto Aero 5 months ago & gets fantastic hay, such as alfalfa, perineal peanut hay & timothy/orchard free choice with a Himalayan salt lick.

I just want to thank Anna & the entire Crypto Aero team for making this unbeatable food. My black horse is alive, well & has crisp, clear eyes now. My best friend Batman ( the muddy roan ) has surpassed all of his siblings in height & continues to blossom on Crypto Aero.
Thank you ♡" ~ Jenna Ashurst


"5 year old Warmblood
Before Crypto (bottom left)
6 months on Crypto (bottom right and top)

We only feed Crypto Aero! There are many reasons why, but most importantly, its because I can see healthy, fit athletes in my horses. They have great stamina and a happy attitude. On top of that, they have the most beautiful shine in their coat. Every horse in our barn deserves the best, from our littlest mini to our top show horses.. and thats why Boca Riding Club exclusively feeds Crypto Aero.. Thank you for such a great food!" -Elizabeth Constantin


"Here is my barrel horse only 4 months apart! It looks as though I have two different horses. I eliminated coat, hoof, calming, and stomach supplements just by switching to whole food. I'm a believer!" ~ Lindsay Bean


"This is Pi. He is a kill pen rescue. Has been on Crypto Aero for 6 months. He is a Thoroughbred x Andalusian. Just turned 1!." -Melissa Sylvia


" "before," march 2016 -- my horse has been transitioned off grain to a hay pellet & vit/min diet with quality forage. he is not in any work... (1st pic)

"after" April 2017, he's shed out with dapples! no grooming tricks, just good currying and good food <3 and his temperament is wonderful (2nd pic)." ~ Susan White


"The before picture of Frodo when we first brought him home (1st pic).
Frodo turned 5 this year has been eating Crypto Aero feed for about 3 years. He has grown to be a strong, and beautiful pony (2nd pic)" ~Patty Perez


"This is a picture of Teddy from a couple of days ago (2nd pic) and a pic from about a month before we started feeding Crypto Aero (1st pic)...about 2 years ago...interesting to note that due to other circumstances, she has not been in work during this period...but had many health and behavioral this muscling is not from working!" ~ Erin Decker Root.


These are before and after pictures of a thoroughbred gelding that had a difficult time to keep on weight on processed feed, and was switched to Crypto Aero Feed. ~Samantha Mcclarty


"I started my OTTB on Crypto Aero back in the fall, Oct 15, 16'. He was on 2.5 scoops twice a day of the previous feed but now on just under 1 scoop twice a day of Crypto Aero. He loves it. Plus free choice hay and a mineral block. He was on an ulcer supplement which I stopped shortly after making the feed switch. No flares ups with ulcers since stopping the supplement. I drive 45 miles to pick up the feed which is well worth it. I have found an awesome feed for life for my guy. His temperament has stayed the same since the feed is all natural. No sugar spikes here."~Brigitte Smith Mason


This is a 5 y/o Percheron gelding before and after in only 3 weeks. He has previously been on a processed feed and had frequent episodes on colic. He was switched to 1 lb of Crypto Aero feed daily. Reagan Cochran, Tennessee.


This is a senior gelding that was switched from a processed grain to 1/2 the amount of Crypto Aero feed and finally began to put weight back on. Cindy Holmes, Tennessee.


Before and after the switch to Crypto Aero feed. ~ Caroline van Asten, South Carolina


"Here before pictures are when I first got my OTTB gelding Wylie. He was in bad shape underweight, ulcer symptoms etc... I tried all different types feed high fat ,high protein , fat supplements, protein top dress supplements, muscle building etc... he was on 10 lbs high fat senior feed 2 lbs pelleted fat and calming supplements because he was so nervous and HOT. After picture is 4 months on Crypto Aero . He is off all calming supplements, and is currently on 6 pounds Crypto Aero. He still has his moments but is much less edgy and nervous. And on almost half the amount!! Kudos to Crypto Aero!"~Jessica Foley


Before & After pictures of a 5 y/o Percheron/ Appendix cross taken 5 months apart on one pound of Crypto Aero feed. ~ Florida


"This is the same mare after 6 months on Crypto Aero. For show horses that have ulcers being able to feed frequent smaller portion sizes while still providing the necessary protein and carbs for building muscle and increasing endurance has made a significant difference in our jumpers!" Susan Hamzavi, ME


"When he arrived at my farm, previously on processed feed and 30 days after eating Crypto Aero& whole oats.
Jasmine Napravnik, MD


Before & After pictures of a Thoroughbred gelding.~ Catarina Hamilton,  Florida


"Top photo is what she looked like coming home from a lease where she wasn't getting Crypto Aero. Bottom photo is after 3 weeks of being back on it." ~ Melissa Mayo


"This 6 yr old TB mare came off the track with all kinds of problems. She's been on Crypto Aero for a couple months now and she's getting better and better. I choose Crypto for the amazing health benefits that come with feeding a whole food diet!"~ Erin Cole


"I like feeding Crypto not only because it a whole food but because it is not manufactured in a location that also does cow feed. The monensin issues over the last few years has me insanely paranoid and with Crypto I have no fear! My hard keeping TB gelding has only been on it it two weeks now and I can already see an enormous difference. Can't wait to see the difference a few months makes! " ~Kaitlyn Beck